Governor Stitt Signs Commutations

Monday, February 10th 2020, 3:14 am
By: Shannon Rousseau

Governor Kevin Stitt is shortening the prison sentences for nearly 150 inmates to either time served or one-year sentences.

The inmates getting a shorter sentence from the governor were locked up for drug possession charges and would no longer be considered felonies if brought today.

The Oklahoman reported that the governor signed papers Friday to commute the sentences of 119 people to time served and another 28 sentences to one year. 

Governor Stitt made reducing Oklahoma's highest-in-the-nation incarceration rate a top priority. 

The commutations are the latest under a law that retroactively applied misdemeanor sentences for simple drug possession and low-level property crimes. 

Last November, the state released more than 450 people in the largest single-day mass commutation in U.S. history.