WATCH: City Crews Pulling Long Hours To Keep Oklahomans Safe

Wednesday, February 5th 2020, 4:38 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

Street crews all over Green Country are putting in long hours to keep you and your family safe during winter weather.

You have to have a special kind of attitude to work a 12-hour shift and Crew Chief Andrew Teal with the Broken Arrow Streets & Stormwater Department has it.

"It has only been about 8 hours today so far," said Teal, "I don't mind the long shifts. Sometimes you do what you got to do to make sure the roads are safe and everyone is going to be alright."

Broken Arrow crews normally work eight hour shifts but because of the snow, some of the shifts got extended to 12 hours.

"Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee," said Teal.

Director of Streets and Stormwater Rocky Henkel says people don't realize the toll the snow schedules can take on workers.

"We had a crew come in yesterday at midnight, worked until 8 o clock in the morning, then the next shift came at 8 o clock in the morning and will work until 8 o clock tonight and then the other shift that started at midnight will come back at 8. It throws them off," said Henkel, "It usually takes them a couple of days to get reacclimated back to their original schedule once the snow event is over."

Despite the hours, the crews we talked to say they are more than happy to be out on the streets for however long it takes, in order to keep people safe.