Sand Springs Mother Outraged After Son's Suspension Following Alleged Attack

Thursday, January 16th 2020, 5:38 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

A Sand Springs mother is outraged after she said another boy attacked her son in class, and the school suspended both boys. Now, she's demanding answers from the school district.

That mother said other students watched and recorded the fight on their phones but didn't help her son.

"I wanted to throw up,” Joy Turner said.

That's how Turner felt after seeing the video of her son being punched and hit by another student in class Tuesday in the Sand Springs Central Ninth Grade Center.

"He was attacked," she said.

Turner said the boy in question previously bullied her son's girlfriend, and after her son stood up for his girlfriend, Turner said the boy turned his anger toward her son.

"My son said he's changing his class to avoid this kid," Turner said.

On Tuesday, she said that boy came into her son's fourth period and started beating him up.

"Swing, swing hit his head," you could hear students saying.

"It's a horrible video. If you have anyone you love, you never want to see them beaten like that," Turner said.

Turner said the school told her there was supposed to be a substitute teacher around, but that person wasn't in the room.

She said her son suffered bruises and his injuries caused him to throw up several times.

Sand Springs police said they took a report and are investigating.

Meanwhile, Turner said the school suspended both boys due to its "no fight" policy.

"My son was suspended for 10 days because they said he was in a fight," Turner said.

She just hopes no parent ever must go through something like this in the future.

"If you have some information, tell somebody. It could save somebody from the situation that happened to my son,” Turner said.

We reached out to the superintendent, assistant superintendent and principal. Superintendent Sherry Durkee issued the following statement:

"The video shared was troubling and does not reflect the safe learning environment in our schools. While specific details of any student incident cannot be shared, all incidents involving student behavior are taken seriously and fully investigated. Safety continues to be a top priority in our district and violent behavior is not condoned."  - Superintendent Sherry Durkee

Turner said she plans to appeal the suspension Friday.