Muskogee County Road Crews Prepare To Treat Pavement With Salt, Sand

Friday, January 10th 2020, 5:25 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

Several roads in Muskogee County are closed tonight because of flooding from today's storms.

Now, road crews are preparing to treat the pavement for snow and ice.

When it starts to rain in Muskogee County the water can rise quickly.

Ken Doke has been out with crews all day watching the storms, closing flooded streets, keeping schools informed and trying to be as proactive as possible.

"Because of all the flooding, a lot of our roads are impassible now. We will have lost certain drainage pipes and things like that too. We will be working around the clock to put some of the roads back together," said Doke. 

Preparations for today's storms and tomorrow's snow have been going on for the last week.

"Today has been interesting because, at some point here, we will shift from the first response, which is the thunderstorm-related response, and move to the ice and snow response," said Doke. 

By Friday morning Muskogee County had crews were ready to respond to flash flooding with trucks loaded with gear to help block flooded roads and detour traffic. Crews filled trucks with salt and sand for the next half of the storm.

Doke said they are waiting to see what the weather does these next couple of hours.

"Please just be patient with us as we gather our crews, assess the damage, and start putting things back together again," said Doke. 

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