Help Tulsa Win U.S. Census Competition With OKC

Wednesday, May 27th 2020, 3:40 am
By: Shannon Rousseau, News On 6


This is the last week in the friendly competition between Tulsa and OKC to see which city is able to get a higher response to the U.S. Census.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and OKC Mayor David Holt came up with the competition as a way to challenge residents, in each city, to fill out the Census this year.

As of Wednesday morning, OKC is winning.

The Community Service Council said OKC has a 59 percent response rate; Tulsa has a 57 percent response rate.

The city that losses will have to fly the other city's flag at City Hall.

The deadline for this friendly competition is Sunday, May 31st.

However, you do have until October to get your Census filled out.

Melanie Poulter with CSC said it's important to fill out your Census--not just to make sure Tulsa wins this competition--to make sure Tulsa gets proper funding.

"For every person not counted by the Census, communities in Oklahoma lose about $1,700 per year" Poulter said. "So, in Tulsa if we undercount our population by just 1 percent we end up losing $7 million per year between Census that Tulsa will not have access to provide services."

You can complete your Census by filling out the packet you get in the mail, by phone, or online.

To fill out your Census, and help Tulsa win the friendly competition, click here.