Vendors Set Up Downtown Ahead Of President Trump's Rally

Thursday, June 18th 2020, 4:28 pm
By: Brooke Griffin

TULSA, Okla. -

Trump merchandise vendors are setting up at various areas in downtown Tulsa ahead of Saturday’s rally.

The selection varies table to table, but many are selling hats, shirts, and flags. One booth is even selling stun guns and Trump branded knives, both of which aren’t allowed inside the BOK Center according to the rules on their website.

These vendors set up Thursday morning for their first day of sales and the owners of the stand said their items are already flying off the tables.

Many of the vendors travel around the country following President Trump’s rally schedule. The Tulsa rally is the first one in three months due to the Coronavirus outbreak, one vendor who sells merchandise as his full-time job said he was so happy to finally get back on the road again.

“It’s money yes, but this is a man I believe in,” Blake said, one of the vendors. “He’s made positive changes for our country and if we don’t stand for who is fighting for us, we don’t deserve to have someone fighting for us.”

Blake said he sells shirts, hats, flags, stickers, and more but he doesn’t sell any weapon of any kind since he doesn’t want to get in trouble or get anyone in trouble.

Glorianna Trasp came to Tulsa all the way from Las Vegas and was excited to browse Blake’s table for new Trump gear.

“I’m for Trump and I want to support him so why not be out here,” Trasp said.

Trasp purchased a t-shirt from Blake’s table to immediately put on to wear for the rest of the day in support of Trump’s visit to Tulsa.

“I needed a shirt; it goes with my stickers,” Trasp said.

Blake said he expects to see thousands of people browse his stand over the next few days and said he is likely one of dozens of stands that will be setting up in Downtown Tulsa.

The BOK Center’s rules show that any and all shirts, stickers, hats, and the like are all welcome inside their venue for any event, but a weapon of any kind is not, and you will be asked to remove it before being let inside.