Effort Underway To Bring A Pool, Splash Pad To The Tulsa Dream Center

Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 6:15 am
By: Joseph Holloway


There's a new effort to bring a pool and splash pad to the Tulsa Dream Center near 46th Street North and MLK.

Victory Church pastor Paul Daugherty says this comes from a woman who came up to him at a march in Downtown Tulsa a couple of weeks ago.

She mentioned the number of child drownings that have happened in creeks and ponds - specifically on the north side - over the last few years, and Daugherty realized there are not many public swimming pools on that side of town.

He reached out to the Dream Center's executive director A.J. Johnson and said this is something he'd like to do.

Both of them started reaching out to other churches to get their help; and now, they're making a goal to start building the pool and splash pad in the next couple of months.

"Why can't North Tulsa have something like that? And why should we wait for the Kaiser foundation to make it? It's time for the church to be a practical solution in the city" said Daugherty.

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