Hospital Officials Stress Importance Of Firework Safety

Thursday, July 2nd 2020, 9:19 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

TULSA, Okla. -

The 4th of July is a busy weekend in Emergency Rooms across Green Country.  

Indira Murr is an Emergency Physician at Ascension St. John. She said a lot of the patients they see in the ER around the holiday weekend are hurt by fireworks, and that is why she said fireworks safety is so important. 

"We typically see a number of patients that come in with burn related injuries," said Murr, "Very, very common to see little children with sparkler burns and eye burns from sparklers."

If your kids are setting off fireworks this year, make sure you are close by watching. If you and your family are setting off your own fireworks this year, doctors recommend:

* Using a lighter stick so your face and hands aren't directly over the firework
* Wearing glasses or safety goggles
* Be mindful of people around you- make sure you're never pointing a firework at someone else
* Make sure there is water nearby in case of a fire
* Make sure you are setting off fireworks for personal use, not ones created for big commercial fireworks shows 
* Drinking and fireworks don't mix 

Doctors at St. John said at the height of COVID cases in Tulsa, they had some patients afraid to come to the hospital even though they were having serious health issues.

Doctors said they are disinfecting, socially distancing, and doing everything they possibly can to keep patients safe and healthy. They said if you need to see a doctor, go.

It is illegal to shoot off fireworks within the Tulsa city limits and anyone who does could get fined. Some surrounding towns may allow fireworks with the proper permit.