Oklahoma Woman Still Searching For Answers 22 Years After Mother's Disappearance

Friday, July 31st 2020, 5:10 pm
By: News On 6, Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Okla. -

Jessica Pritchett has spent 22 years, trying to figure out what happened to her mother.

Her mother, Kim Mullens disappeared in June of 1998, and to this day, her family has no idea what happened to her. Jessica says she's desperate for answers. She says she walks around every day with a smile like everything's okay but she says she knows it's not.

She says what breaks her heart the most, is believing someone out there knows what happened to her mom.

Kim Mullens was 33 years old and a mother to four kids, including a two-week-old baby.

"She deserves to either be laid to rest or answers be brought to why she was taken from us,” says Jessica.

Jessica has dedicated more than half her life, trying to get justice for her mother. She says nothing was more important to Kim than her kids.

"She loved every one of us. She would be here today if she could, says Jessica.

Her family says Kim was in an abusive relationship and she had been in a violent fight with her husband the night she went missing. Kim's family says they were told, Kim ran off with a new man, but they don't buy it.

"Her purse was left there. Her two-week-old daughter was left there,” says Jessica. “We know that isn't right. Anyone with common sense knows that's not true."

Kim wasn't reported missing until a year after she disappeared.

Jessica says she feels like she's missing a part of herself.

"You see a lot of them, their mothers are there every step of the way. I don't have that, because somebody took her from me. And I know who it was,” says Jessica.

Jessica says she’s lived in pain for 22 years, but giving up, is not an option.

"I'll feel it every day until she is laid to rest or she's brought home. I still have hope that that is going to happen,” says Jessica. "I just want somebody to come forward and say something. You know to put their self in my family's position, if that was your mom, your sister, what would you want somebody to do?"

Detectives say they just recently received new information about this case and are looking into right now.