Tulsa Woman Upset That Suspect In Fatal Crash Out On Bond

Thursday, August 6th 2020, 5:18 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Okla. -

A Tulsa woman is frustrated that it took 16 months to arrest the woman accused of killing her brother, but then once she was arrested, bonded out within two hours.

Police said Karen Gillespie hit and killed Ronnie Moss while he was riding his motorcycle in April of 2019. 

Ronnie’s sister, DJ Hollan, said she spent 23 straight days in the hospital with her brother, watching him suffer, until he passed away. She said it's not fair the person accused of killing him, still hasn't spent any time in jail. Hollan said the last year has been beyond painful.

"It’s something I try to get past and I can't,” said Hollan. “It's been really rough.”  

Police said Karen Gillespie turned in front of Ronnie and killed him. An arrest warrant was issued six months later, and she was finally arrested ten months after that. She immediately posted bond and was released.

"At first I was excited when I saw she was arrested and then it was like a total turn around,” said Hollan.

An affidavit said Gillespie first told police she didn’t see Moss because he didn’t have a working headlight, but police said surveillance video showed, that wasn’t true.

"She never even tried to help him at all,” said Hollan. “That's where I got my rage from. How do you leave someone laying in the street like a dog?”

Tulsa Police said they’ve been looking for Gillespie since the warrant was issued last fall.

"People can be tough to find,” said Sergeant Will Dalsing with the Tulsa Police Department. “Even the guys on the task force know that. They'll chase them from one address to the next, one car to the next, trying to track them down."

"She needs to step up and be responsible for what she did to my brother,” said Hollan. “He probably would have had thousands and thousands more miles in him driving a truck, but he doesn't get that opportunity."

Tulsa Police said Gillespie did not have a driver’s license that day and in fact, she’s never had one.