Gov. Stitt Visits Owasso Business

Tuesday, August 11th 2020, 4:32 pm
By: Mallory Thomas


Governor Kevin Stitt has been meeting one-on-one with small business owners across the state who received assistance from the Oklahoma Bounce Back Relief Program. Tuesday, Governor Stitt got a firsthand look at how taxpayer money from the state is helping small businesses in Owasso. 

“We want to be able to work with local companies work with companies in Oklahoma bring dollars that are out of state back into Oklahoma," said Brian Emory, Vice President of Mingo Aerospace. He said they have 44 employees and thanks to help from state funds, they've been able to grow their business. 

“We were able to repurpose these dollars very quickly when our businesses and our economy was struggling to get these dollars out across the state. I think over 5,000 companies have been a recipient of these different programs," said Governor Stitt. 

Governor Stitt said $150 million has been spread out to companies across the state. He said the Oklahoma business relief money went to small businesses that saw a 25% reduction during the COVID pandemic. “I believe the stat is like 90 percent of businesses are considered small businesses so that’s where people work and that drives our economy and so that’s so important for them to be healthy and vibrant," said Governor Stitt. “That’s where the money comes from the tax revenue comes from for roads and bridges for healthcare for education so we need thriving businesses growing.”

The goal is to invest in Oklahoma businesses in hopes of bringing more here, in the future.  “Grow and diversify our business. Especially to be able to work with the air force like Tinker air force base. We want to be able to bring those dollars that are going out of the state we want to bring that back into the state," said Emory.