Teachers Contacting Attorneys For End-Of-Life Planning Over COVID-19 Fears

Thursday, August 13th 2020, 9:17 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

TULSA, Okla. -

A growing number of teachers have contacted attorneys for end-of-life planning. They said it’s due to concerns over returning to class during the pandemic.

Now, estate planning attorneys are offering help and discounts for teachers.

Substitute teacher Erin Benuzzi said she's subbed for seven years and loves it.

"I don't do this job because of the money, I do it because kids are our future," Benuzzi said. 

Benuzzi said she's terrified of going back to class. She said she felt like she had no choice but to ask around on social media for help making end-of-life plans.

"I'm realizing if I'm going to go back into the classroom, I need to start preparing for that," Benuzzi said. "I need to start getting end of life requirements written down."

Benuzzi is not alone in her fears.

Broken Arrow attorney Brittany Littleton, who specializes in estate planning, said she's seen similar concerns from many other teachers.

"It seems like there was a collective swarm of interest as the back to school conversation became real," Littleton said.

Littleton said because of the new plea from teachers needing help, she's offering Emergency Decision Document Packages to 10 teachers for free, along with giving estate planning discounts to teachers in need.

She said teachers aren't the only frontline workers asking for help, but they are vital.

"Generally speaking, we think this is a great way to serve people, to be proactive before things are serious," she said.

Benuzzi is still unsure whether she'll go back in the classroom this year, but she urges parents to think about what would happen if someone in their kids' school died from COVID-19.

"Please consider how huge of an impact losing one of us could be to your kids," Benuzzi said.

Littleton said whether or not we're in a pandemic, people of all ages should have an end of life plan in place.