TU Announces 8 COVID-19 Cases On Football Team As Students Move In

Monday, August 17th 2020, 9:18 pm
By: Amy Avery

TULSA, Okla. -

Students have started to move into their dorms at the University of Tulsa, even as the university announced Monday that 8 football players tested positive for COVID-19.

The university said it’s spreading out students’ move-in process over the course of several days so there aren’t too many students moving in at once. TU is also limiting the amount of people allowed on campus.

University of Tulsa Chief Compliance Officer, Matt Warren, said they've been planning for students to come back to campus since they sent them home back in March, but things are looking a bit different for students.

"It seems like everyday we learn something new, and everyday something we thought we knew may not be accurate anymore," Warren said.

Students will all be living in single rooms this year and they can order food from the dining hall on their phones. They also have a small number of in-person classes, but students will still be spread out.

Warren said students will receive a bag filled with masks, a thermometer, no touch door openers and hand sanitizer. The university is also asking students to monitor their health with an app.

"Every morning they can log on to this app and they can answer a few questions about whether or not they have a fever or feel unwell," Warren said.

Warren said if a student tests positive, they also have designated isolation housing for them.

"It's a private room with a private bathroom and it's stocked with certain items that student will need during their isolation," Warren said.

TU is also monitoring student-athletes who are already on campus, as eight football players have already tested positive and eight more are being quarantined.

Warren said they're also asking students to stay on campus to prevent the virus from spreading even more.

"We think that's the closest thing we can create to a bubble at TU," Warren said. "We are encouraging students to take advantage of the campus and to stay on campus."