Good Luck Penny Provides Hope For Man Struggling To Feed His Family

Tuesday, August 18th 2020, 5:34 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

One man that found a lucky penny was later blessed by something good – food to feed his family.

More than 700 families a week are lining up at the Indian Springs Sports Complex in Broken Arrow to get food.

Mike Castleberry said he never thought he would need help feeding his family but wants to thank the volunteers for making sure he has food to put on the table.

Sometimes all we need in life is a sign.

“I picked it up as a good luck penny like I always do, put it in my pocket, and man, have I had good luck today,” said Castleberry.

The sign doesn’t have to be big but the timing of it matters.

“Coming here to get food is something that I was never planning to do,” said Castleberry.

For Castleberry, this penny was the perfect sign at the perfect time because he found it just hours before boxes of food filled his truck.

Castleberry is one of more than 700 people lined up outside of Indian Springs Sports Complex In Broken Arrow, waiting for food.

"The biggest thing I have found out through this is how many people are in need and you go through your daily life and you do not see," said Catholic Charities volunteer Chuck White.

Catholic Charities has partnered with GoFresh to pass out boxes of free food to people in need.

"You probably may not have any idea that your neighbor two houses down is struggling for food. They may not want to you know they are struggling for food," said Castleberry.

"Of course, in 3 or 4 hours we are emptying a whole truck load of goods into people's cars and they are their way to get to families that need them," said White.

"That means a lot that they would come do that for us, people they don't even know, probably will never, ever see again," said Castleberry.

The volunteers say, this has been just as rewarding for them.

"I have got 6 children. Nothing really bad has ever happened to us," said White, 'It didn't happen to me but a lot of people like me, their life was as good as they thought it could be and then it got turned upside down in a day."

Signs at the right time can feel like a symbol of a changing tide, one that means better days are ahead.

"People need help," Castleberry said. "They definitely need help and you may not realize it so be kind and offer a hand."

Learn more about Catholic Charities Farmers to Families Food Box Program here.