State Of Michigan Proposes $600 Million Settlement For Flint Water Crisis

Thursday, August 20th 2020, 9:52 pm
By: CBS News

FLINT, Mi. -

The state of Michigan proposed a $600 million settlement to compensate residents of Flint who were harmed by the city’s lead-tainted water.

The water crisis began in 2014 when officials switched the city's water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River as a cost cutting measure.

The water was improperly treated which allowed lead and other chemicals into the water supply.

At least 12 people died from Legionnaires’ disease and several pregnant women lost their babies due to the tainted water.

Some said the money is not a solution.

“Money don't equal health like, it doesn’t. You could be rich and die. It ain't the same,” Flint resident Craig Davis said. “It's almost like we got PTSD with the water because we don't really drink it comfortably, like, you know what I'm saying, when people actually lost their lives to it."

The settlement still needs to be approved by a judge. The state said the water quality in Flint has met federal standards for three years now.