Used Car Sales Up Across Northeastern Oklahoma During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, August 25th 2020, 4:36 pm
By: News On 6

Many car dealers said you could get more money for your used vehicles now than just a few months ago because of the pandemic. Mark Allen Chevrolet said the demand is so high, they're selling new and used vehicles almost as fast as they get them. 

Instead of rows of new cars fresh off the assembly line, some dealerships have more empty parking spots then new cars. 

"There is nothing available; that's been my experience. Although, what I'm looking for is a little special," said Tom Weatherholt. 

Weatherholt has been shopping for a new truck since the first of the year. After factories stopped making cars for awhile, there aren't too many new trucks on the lot. 

"You can see my lot. I've got probably 31 new cars left on my lot. They're slowly trickling in by the day. Trucks, everything that is coming in a lot of them are sold before they even get here because customers are having problems finding new inventory," said Cory Tyler, Mark Allen Chevrolet Sales Manager.

Tyler said business is booming at Mark Allen. He said the biggest problem is trying to get new inventory from manufacturers to keep up with the demand, but they are running behind. 

"Obviously not building new cars for a couple of months slowed inventory down; so, obviously, that affects every dealer. So, every dealer goes and loads up on used cars. They're trying to stock up inventory so they have stock to sell," said Tyler, 

Weatherholt said if you're looking to buy a car, try looking online first.

"Use the internet look it up what these dealers have on their lot--then you can save yourself a trip," said Weatherholt.