PSO Crews Heading To Louisiana To Help With Recovery After Cat. 4 Hurricane Leaves Damage

Friday, August 28th 2020, 6:54 am
By: News On 6

PSO crews from Oklahoma are heading to Louisiana to help those impacted by Hurricane Laura. 

At least 125,000 people are estimated to be without power just in Shreveport alone after Category 4 hurricane Laura ripped through Louisiana on Thursday.

PSO is sending more than 250 people to help their sister company Southwestern Electric Power. 

These groups consist of lineman, logistics crews, and tree trimmers.

One of those crewmembers is Cody Jennings. He says he has been on several of these trips to assist other areas but he is always humbled by the destruction when he arrives to hard hit areas.

“It’s crazy to me because someone has been out of power for ten or twelve days and then you get them back on and they’ve just been waiting,” Jennings says. “They are so excited and so happy it makes leaving home worthwhile when you’re making people that happy, it means so much.”

Stan Whiteford with PSO said they are always ready to help other areas in need. 

“They know how important it is and know the crisis Louisiana is facing right now," Whiteford said "They’re going to go with a lot of enthusiasm, with a desire to work safe, be efficient, and help get those customers back on.”

Whiteford says they never know how long the crews will be gone when they head to other areas to help but he says they will stay until the job is completed.