Okla. Family, Organization Grants Children's Wishes In Honor Of Late Daughter

Wednesday, September 2nd 2020, 12:36 pm
By: Brian Mueller


Mackenzie Asher's story got national attention when she befriended Baker Mayfield in the fall of 2017.

The 11-year-old was battling Leukemia. She passed away later that year.

Now her family is making sure something good comes from her memory.

Mackenzie's stepmother, Niki Asher, and her family started the nonprofit The Mack Impact to provide bucket list experiences for Oklahoma children battling cancer.

One of the family's they helped was the Mount family. Their daughter Millie passed away from cancer in July at the age of 3. But 2 weeks before, The Mack Impact gave them a day to remember. 

On June 27, Millie and her family went on a fishing trip to Lake Eufaula.

The community came out to welcome the adolescent angler.

"What it meant to our family was another opportunity to make a memory that we knew we wouldn't have many more of. It was wonderful that we got the opportunity for that at least to be a happy day," said Millie's mother Courtney Mount.

Niki knows how important those memories are for families, going through similar emotions with her daughter.

"There's this connection and I just feel like I understand them and on a different level," said Asher.

Whether it be a fishing trip for Millie, or a day with the Pioneer Woman for a girl named Hazel, every experience keeps Mackenzie's memory alive.

"We just want this organization to be something where Mackenzie's memory won't be lost," said Asher.

For more information on The Mack Impact, you can visit their website.