7 Siblings Adopted By Local Couple Who Says ‘It Was Meant To Be’

Wednesday, September 9th 2020, 5:28 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

A Green Country family just became a party of nine after adopting seven siblings.

Everything has changed for this household, including transportation. Now, they are raising money for a van that fits the whole family.

"We said a larger sibling set, we just didn't say seven and it just turned out that way and it was right," said new mom Priscilla Forsythe.

This is not your average story.

"We enjoyed each other for the first eight years and then kind of realized there was an empty hole in our heart,” said new dad David Forsythe.

It’s a story of seven kids starting their new life with their mom and dad. It is very important to their mom and dad that we protect their identities, so we promised them to not show their faces, share their names or let you hear their voices.

The kids wanted to play a part in telling their story, so most of the video you will see was shot by them.

"There is a great need for families to take in sibling sets,” Priscilla said. “Whether it be through foster care or through adoption.”

David and Priscilla started the adoption process about a year ago. When their social worker called to see if they were interested in adopting seven siblings, they didn't hesitate.

"From the moment I learned about them I couldn't stop thinking about them. I loved them already without knowing what they looked like, without knowing hardly anything. I knew that I loved them and can't wait to meet them," said Priscilla.

'It felt like it was meant to be,” David said. “For both of us, adopted children or biological children, they are still just as much a part of us.”

The kids have been home for a little over a month and everything has changed in the best way possible.

"We counted one night how many times we got first seconds and thirds for the kids and it was about 35 times that I got up," said David, "It is definitely not quiet in our home any longer, which is awesome by the way."

Family and friends have set up a Go Fund Me so David and Priscilla can buy a van that fits all 9 of them.

"Car rides- we don't ride in the same car anymore. We have two different cars and we caravan," said David.

They said there has always been space for these seven babies in their lives and there always will be because this is the family they have been waiting for.

"It is one of the most special things I have ever experienced in my life,” said David,

"My love is endless, my support for them is endless and I will be there for them through every step of this journey. For the rest of my life I will be there for them," said Priscilla.

If you would like to know more about the Go-Fund-Me that's been set up to help the family get a new van, visit the link here.