Owasso Seeks To Keep Kids Safe, Informed In Return To In-Person Class

Thursday, September 17th 2020, 4:20 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

OWASSO, Okla. -

Owasso students are on their way home after their first day back in class for in-person learning.

Administrators said about 80% of the student body is back on campus. Owasso is limiting visitors, one of the many ways Owasso administrators said they’re keeping kids safe.

It's been six months since students were in the classrooms. 

"The kids I hope are smiling. We all have our masks on so we think they're smiling under them," Eric Nantois, Principal at Owasso's 7th grade center said. "Everyone is just real excited to be back."

Nantois said the pandemic forced teachers to become innovative in how they teach. 

"I think you can have different kids in different areas. Obviously you're going to have kids that it didn't affect at all, some kids this probably did affect," Nantois said. "That's why I'm excited we have great teachers and we're going to get those kids caught up."

Everyone on campus must wear a mask. Hallways and walk ways are all one direction. Owasso Superintendent Dr. Amy Fichtner said she's heard from parents with mixed feelings about sending their kids back to class. 

"I think it's okay for us in a pandemic to acknowledge the fact that there are butterflies, people are nervous and it's okay. On the first day of school there's butterflies when people just want to make sure they want to get to the right classroom," said Dr. Fichtner. 

She said helping students understand how the district is working to keep them safe, can make all the difference. 

"Fear diminishes when we're educated, when we have good solid information," Dr. Fichtner said. "For example when you see in this building children all walking one way that's a courteous way to minimize that interaction."