Sand Springs Police Report Increase In Car Theft

Tuesday, September 29th 2020, 4:53 am
By: Cal Day

Sand Springs -

According to Sand Springs police, there has been a big increase in car thefts in the last couple of weeks.

Sand Springs police said they usually see an uptick of crimes in late summer and early fall however, just in the last two weeks 10 cars have been stolen.

Captain Todd Enzbrenner said these crimes are happening randomly across the city, some in the day, some at night, in neighborhoods and in store parking lots.

Enzbrenner said it’s not uncommon to see those stolen cars pop up in other cities like Tulsa.

As a result of the recent influx, Sand Springs police are stepping up patrols and asking people to be more alert.

Captain Enzbrenner said windows aren’t broken most of the time but Instead doors are simply left unlocked, making for an easy crime of opportunity.

“Something that would help us along the way also is for the general public to keep their doors locked,” said Enzbrenner. “Keep things that are valuable out of sight, don’t leave them in your car. If you do, lock them in the glove box or the trunk or something like that.” 

Another way Sand Springs police are trying to prevent car theft is through their “CAT” program.

People can get a special sticker and put it on the back windshield of their car. The sticker gives police permission to pull someone over in the middle of the night with no cause, just to make sure the car has not been stolen.