Former Oklahoma Attorney Pleads Guilty To Federal Weapons Charges

Tuesday, September 29th 2020, 6:13 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Former Oklahoma attorney Keegan Harroz pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to a federal weapons violation count.

On Tuesday, Harroz sat in front of a federal judge and changed her original plea of not guilty to guilty on the possession charge.

Harroz was accused of prohibited person in possession of ammunition and selling or otherwise disposing of a firearm to a prohibited person. Investigators said she provided her boyfriend Barry Titus with a weapon, knowing he was not allowed to have a gun because of his criminal history.

Harroz faces a slew of federal charges, including unlawful disposal of a firearm prohibited person in possession of a firearm and more. There's also an agreement to dismiss multiple other charges, as well as an agreement for the government to cease all investigation into Harroz owning and disposing of a firearm between the dates of February 6 and September 13 of 2019.

Harroz, who cried throughout the entire hearing, will remain in the custody of the U.S. Marshals.

Harroz's attorney sent a statement on the matter that said, "Ms. Harroz considered many factors and ultimately determined that a plea was in her best interest."

Harroz is accused of intimidating Tiffany Eichor during a trial where she represented her boyfriend, Barry Titus. In September of 2019, Eichor and her parents Jack and Evelyn Chander were found shot to death in their Beggs home.

Harroz and Titus were named persons of interest in the case but there have been no charges.

In Harroz's plea agreement, she asked for a 24 to 30-month sentence and for the government to cease an investigation into her owning/giving away a firearm. A formal sentencing date has not been set for Harroz.