Axe Throwing Competition Brings The Best To Jenks

Saturday, October 10th 2020, 6:26 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

JENKS, Okla. -

Football, basketball and baseball might not be everyone. For some, grabbing an ax and chucking it at some plywood just might be your thing.

From our friends from the north, Canada, ax throwing is starting to stick here in the United States. 

The city of Jenks is hosting an ax throwing competition with over 200 competitors tossing for the chance at $25,000.

Reigning world champion Sam Carter said he likes where the sport is heading in terms of popularity.

"It’s gotten big,” Carter said. “It’s a good hobby, like you said. There is a nine-year-old out here. There is (sic) older people. As long as you can throw it cleanly, it works."

John Bradley, who traveled from Philadelphia, won this tournament last year and is hoping a perfect toss brings home another title.

Bradley lives by one motto in life and in competition.

"Throw better,” Bradley said. “It’s more of an inspiration, you know, a state of bliss. Nothing matters. No excuses. Overcome all obstacles and hitting your target. Just enjoy yourself in life. Don't worry about it. You are just here. You just throw at what you are throwing for."

Ax throwing is about camaraderie in competition.  

"If you succeed, I succeed and it expands and gets bigger and bigger,” Bradley said. “Every time you walk into an ax throwing venue, no matter what happened outside for the day, you feel relieved."