Tulsa Coffee Company Opens Downtown Location, Brings Prosperity Despite Pandemic

Thursday, October 15th 2020, 12:48 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

TULSA, Okla. -

A highly-anticipated building in downtown Tulsa is getting ready to open and it includes a new location for a Tulsa coffee company.

The owner of Topeca Coffee said opening a business at any time can be stressful, but even more so during these tough economic times. Many business owners have closed their doors during the pandemic while others are opening new ones.

Topeca Coffee is opening right across from ONEOK Field in Tulsa in the Vast Bank building.

“It’s super exciting. It’s kind of numbing," John Gaberino, co-owner of Topeca Coffee. "It’s hard to imagine, but when the event is happening it’s just super exciting."

Gaberino and his wife are the owners of Topeca Coffee. He said opening a business right now isn't ideal, but it's better knowing they have community support. 

“One of the main elements of pride I have of Tulsa and being a Tulsan is the emphasis and the dedication that business owners, especially in downtown, have toward supporting local businesses," said Gaberino.

Mayor G.T. Bynum said even during hard times, the entrepreneurial spirit is in Tulsa’s core, something he knows from personal experience. 

“I got laid off during the great recession and that’s when I started my own business, which I had until I was elected mayor," Bynum said. "When you go through periods like this, you do end up seeing a lot of increased entrepreneurial activity."

He said locals like Gaberino aren’t the only ones looking to grow their business in our city.

“Businesses locally and nationally are interested in investing in Tulsa," Bynum said. "They recognize the strong work ethic of Tulsans that we have here, the resilience of the people here, the business friendly climate that we have."

Bynum said he appreciates people like Gaberino who are investing in the community. 

“I think that we’re really fortunate as a town and city to have such a diversity of excellence. What makes us different is the fact of quality," said Gaberino.

Gaberino said the main thing that separates them from other coffee shops is they grow their own coffee bean down in El Salvador, ship it to Tulsa, roast it and serve it at Topeca.