Local Non-Profit Provides Safe Places For Students Learning Virtually

Tuesday, November 17th 2020, 4:53 am
By: Brooke Griffin

Tulsa -

An Oklahoma nonprofit called The Opportunity Project is making it possible for parents to still go to work while their kids navigate virtual schooling during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Opportunity Project is partnering with four local YMCA’s, recreation centers, and several other venues through the CARES Act funding to make sure Tulsa County kids have a free and safe place to stay to do their schoolwork while their parents are at work.

They began the program in March, but have decided to keep it going since many kids are still in need.

The Project’s Executive Director, Caroline Shaw, said at one point almost 1000 kids a day were spread out between their many locations, but more recently they have seen a lower daily average as many kids have returned to in-person learning at least a few days a week.

Each student still gets two meals a day if they are signed up through their school's meal program and there are qualified adults helping and supervising the kids at all times. 

“We know it’s really important for young people both in their academic learning but also more importantly in their social and emotional development to have that consistency and have a safe place to go,” Shaw said.

For parents interested in bringing their students to one of these safe learning locations, all ages and grade levels are welcome. Registration information, a map of locations and more is available for parents at theopp.org.