Tulsa Soldier’s Mother ‘Floored’ At Lack Of Accountability At Fort Hood Year After Son’s Death

Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 6:29 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

More than a dozen senior officers at Fort Hood have been fired or disciplined after several soldiers stationed at the post were found dead this year, including Tulsa native Gregory Morales.

"I am angry I am beyond angry," Greg's mother, Kim Wedel, told News on 6. She said she still wants answers after her son's remains were found in a field in Kileen, TX near Fort Hood over a year ago.

"The bottom line is they still don't know what happened to him," Wedel said. "I'm floored that a government agency has so little accountability that all the programs are supposed to be in place had no oversight."

On Tuesday, 14 officers and enlisted soldiers have been suspended or fired because of a 130-page report on sexual misconduct and criminal activity at Fort Hood. In this investigation, officials learned of 93 credible reports of sexual assault at Fort Hood. The investigation began after months of questions and protests prompted by the family of murdered soldier, 20-year-old Vanessa Guillén.

Kim feels the Army, as well as detectives with Killeen Police Department who are leading the investigation, missed key evidence with her son's death, such as not searching Greg's car, which was found near the field where Greg's remains were found.

"Because all of his personal belongings, all possible evidence was just erased when they towed the car,” Kim said.

Kim said she spoke to Fort Hood officials Tuesday and they told her about the investigation.

"I was told basically to read between the lines at the report that was coming out to find out why so much of Greg’s case fell through the cracks," Kim said. 

Members of the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee testified on their report findings Wednesday and mentioned Greg's case.

"We felt like there were some leads that were not followed up on and should've been followed up on,” Chris Swecker, attorney, and former FBI assistant director said.

Fort Hood spokesman Colonel Myles Caggins said Greg's death prompted them to do more when a soldier disappears.

"There's also outreach to the soldier's family members and close friends as well as informing accounts and messaging apps," U.S. Army Col. Myles Caggins, Senior Spokesman for Fort Hood. 

Kim said she fought hard for this change to happen after her son was labeled AWOL when he went missing. 

"If Greg's death is what keeps other soldiers from dying or something happening that I know that something he would've probably been proud to be part of," Kim said. 

You can find the full report by the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee here. 

Kim said she has been in close communication with Fort Hood and the Killeen Police Department with the investigation. She said right now there are no developments in solving Greg's death.