Ramona Police Arrest Man They Say Led Officers On Chase With Kids In Backseat

Friday, December 11th 2020, 5:48 pm

RAMONA, Okla. -

Ramona Police arrested a man who they said led officers on a chase across town, while his kids were in the backseat. Officers said this was their second high-speed chase in 24 hours.  

Ramona Police arrested 33-year-old Joel Robinson after they said he led officers on a chase that reached 105 miles per hour. Police told News On 6 when the chase ended officers found Robinson’s three kids in the back seat. 

Police said they booked Joel Robinson on suspicion of a DUI, running from police and child endangerment. Chief Lynd said he believes Robinson had been drinking beer before getting behind the wheel.  

Police said two officers were patrolling in the area after multiple neighbors had complained of speeding recently. Police said that’s when they spotted Robinson’s white pickup driving 95 in a 70 mile per hour zone. Officers turned on their lights, but said Robinson started driving even faster, reaching 105 miles per hour.  

Chief Dave Lynd said his officers thought about ending the chase because they’d reached such high speeds, but then they said shortly after Robinson nearly hit a father and two kids walking along the road. Police said after about 30 minutes, Robinson pulled into a house, and hopped out of his vehicle. Officers said Robinson refused to follow commands, so they tased him and took him into custody. 

When police looked in the pick-up, they found Robinson's three kids who officers said were all under the age of 11.  

Chief Lynd said he's proud of his team and grateful the children are now with their grandma. He said he can only speak for himself, but as a father he said there would be so many things running through his mind.  

"What if I had tried to pit that truck or you know what if they'd have wrecked because I was chasing them. You just don't know, and it can weigh on you,” said Chief Lynd. “Thank God the children were okay.” 

News On 6 is told the suspect's brother was also in the vehicle but wasn't arrested.