South Tulsa Children’s Ballet Offers Space To Thrive As Dancers Perform Nutcracker

Friday, December 11th 2020, 5:52 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Dancers with South Tulsa Children’s Ballet are getting ready to perform the Nutcracker, but this show is special because everyone who auditions gets a part.

The director tells News On 6 this nonprofit is her way of making sure ballet is accessible to every child.

"No matter what, they are going to bring something to this program," said South Tulsa Children’s Ballet Director Pamela Farry-Haden.

These dancers are just hours away from their 2020 performance of the Nutcracker.

"They make you feel welcome and they make you feel at home," said this year’s Sugar Plum Fairy, Bella Denne. "There is just something really special about it."

"We are open to every studio, we have had kids come from Bartlesville, Muskogee, Stillwater,” said Farry-Haden.

Farry-Haden is passionate about giving her dancers opportunities to thrive.

"South Tulsa Children's Ballet is actually a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization," said Farry-Haden.

She believes the skills these kids learn here, in class and on stage, will help them to grow into well rounded adults, whether they decide to make dance their career, or not.

"Your dancer is that adult that is going to take the extra step," said Farry-Haden.

Each of these dancers has their own story about how her philosophy about dance has come true for them.

"Especially when I was younger, Autism was a huge obstacle for me, not that it was ever a bad thing, but I didn't get along with other people, I was always by myself. Whenever I started dance, I ended up being forced into a situation where I did have to work with people. Honestly, just learning the way other people move and think and being able to adapt to that," said one of this year’s Snow Kings Caleb Henry.

This is a show where everyone is accepted, where everyone gets to thrive.

"There is a sense of community with it and every time you step into one of the studios you just feel the love and you feel so welcome," said Bella.

To learn more about or donate to South Tulsa Children’s Ballet, visit the website here.