Sen. Inhofe Says It’s Still Inaccurate To Officially Name Biden President-Elect

Tuesday, December 15th 2020, 5:25 pm


More Republicans are now acknowledging Joe Biden as the President-elect following confirmation by the electoral college Monday, but Oklahoma senator Jim Inhofe says not so fast.

From our exclusive Washington Bureau, Alex Cameron spoke to the senator about the confirmation and Congress passing the National Defense Authorization Act.

Other Republicans are beginning to formally recognize Biden’s win, but Senator Inhofe said not until January 6 when Congress is slated to approve the Electoral College results.

“I would say anything can happen between now and January 6 and anyone who says he’s officially the President-elect before that, it’s not accurate,” Inhofe said.

You can read the statements from Oklahoma’s Republican congressional delegation below on the electoral college confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden.

Sen. James Lankford, (R) Oklahoma:

“President Trump has authorized all the agencies of the executive branch to cooperate with Joe Biden and his team as they prepare for a presidential transition, while the President continues to pursue all questions from the election. Since the states have certified their elections and the electoral college has met and voted, all challenges to the election outcome by the President are now much more difficult. I have strongly supported and will continue to support, President Trump’s right and responsibility to verify the November election results. But, as a friend recently said to me, ‘only a miracle would change the outcome of the election at this point.’
“I have spoken out frequently on the issue of election fraud for years, in fact, I wrote the most referenced election security legislation in the last Congress. There is no question that we still have work to do to make sure every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is rejected in every American election. I will keep pushing the issue of election security in the future and will work to make sure we encourage every American to vote and that we only count those votes that are legally cast.”

Rep. Markwayne Mullin, (R) OK – 2nd District:

“For the past four years, Democrats have called President Trump an illegitimate president. Where was the outrage from the media then? There are still many questions that need to be answered about this election and the irregularities/fraud that occurred. Until those are answered, my feelings about Joe Biden are exactly how the Democrats felt about President Trump: illegitimate.”

Rep. Frank Lucas, (R) OK – 3rd District:

“While I support the President’s challenges to voting irregularities where evidence exists, after the Supreme Court’s denial of Texas’ lawsuit last Friday and the Electoral College’s vote yesterday, it seems there’s a very narrow path for the President.
“During election years I often think back to what my father told me when I first ran for office. He told me that in free elections, sometimes the best candidate or candidate we support doesn’t win, but thank goodness we have free elections.”

Rep. Tom Cole, (R) OK – 4th District:

“While the presidential race was controversial, hard fought and close, the outcome now seems apparent. Joe Biden has been selected by the Electoral College and barring unforeseen circumstances will be inaugurated as President on January 20th.”