Local Music Companies Experiencing More Business During Pandemic

Sunday, December 20th 2020, 8:08 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Retail stores all over the country have taken a financial hit during the pandemic. However, music stores, specifically some in Tulsa, have seen the opposite.

Big companies like Fender and Yamaha are experiencing a spike in guitar and piano sales throughout the pandemic.

Local businesses like The Music Store on East 31st Street near South Mingo Road have seen an increase in people coming in, wanting to learn a new instrument.

Although the store has seen a decline in their brass and woodwind instrument rentals, The Music Store manager Jim Zieglar said interest in other band instruments have kept the store running.

"Fortunately, the other part, the guitars, the amps, the drums, and the keyboards have filled that gap," Zieglar said. "So we've been able to get through it so far."

Another success story that has seen an increase in business is The Good Life Music Academy.

Jim Korakis, the founder of the academy, said he was overjoyed to not only see families keeping their kids enrolled but also an increase in families who wanted to start learning.

"We were very surprised that people treated music as essential," Korakis said. “The peace of mind that it brought and it keeping their minds active."

The academy focuses more on teaching piano, guitar and violin to both children and adults through zoom or in-person classes.  

Korakis said the positives about people learning an instrument, especially children, are more than people realize.

"There are countless benefits to music," Korakis said. “Even medical professionals and studies have proven that GPA scores are higher. They help a person feel on the up-and-up and I think it's been crucial, especially during COVID.”