Health Experts Concerned About Rise In COVID-19 Cases

Wednesday, December 23rd 2020, 5:17 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

With Christmas and New Years around the corner, health experts are concerned that the number of cases could spike up because of family gatherings.

Dr. Dale Bratzler of OU Health said the weekly average of cases is the highest it's ever been with more than 3000 cases a day for this week. He thinks it could go even higher after the holiday season.

Bratzler said there are currently 35,000 active cases in the state with 24,000 of those cases being confirmed within the past week. 

Bratzler stated he saw a consistent rise in cases after Thanksgiving and could see more people getting sick after Christmas.

He said the increase in family and other gatherings could leave a lot of households and places of worship exposed to the virus.

"Those are places where the virus loves to spread, particularly if you bring people indoors and they don't have their mask on," Bratzler said. 

Bratzler is encouraging people to not travel for Christmas or New Years this year. He said if you absolutely have to travel, get tested beforehand and wear a mask during any gatherings.