Tulsa Offensive Lineman Hopes To Make Mark On The World

Saturday, December 26th 2020, 9:43 pm

Make your mark on the world and leave a legacy worth aspiring to is easier said than done.

For Tulsa's offensive lineman Chris Paul, he is already ahead on the path of life as he gets ready to play in the Armed Forces Bowl.

"You only get one college experience, and I believe that it's important that if there is anything that you like to do and anything you are interested in, it's important to branch out and foster a holistic experience, overall," Paul said.

Paul may be going in a lot of directions off the field, but he knows he has one job when he steps between the lines.

"As an offensive lineman, it is our job to serve and protect no matter who is back there," Paul said.

He's the conference's representative to the NCAA Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the Black Men's Initiative president.

"It has allowed me to wear a couple of different hats. I feel like I've been able to diversify my outlook on quiet literally everything," he said.

Paul understands his playing career won't last forever and he's always looking for opportunities.

"I'm majoring in computer information systems and I've always been interested in FBI, security overall but truthfully life comes with a lot of opportunity and pivots. You could get anything, so when life gives you lemons, you might as well make lemonade and a lot of it," he said.