Tulsa Couple Feeds Thousands Through Organization They Began With 2 Fridges

Wednesday, December 30th 2020, 5:43 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

One Tulsa organization has fed more than 2,000 families during the pandemic, thanks to the generosity of others and the couple who started the organization. They said they are doing the best they can with the donations they are given.

“People don’t have any idea of how COVID has impacted Tulsa,” said Peter Kubow with On the Porch Tulsa.

Big things can grow from simple dreams.

“We can’t help everyone, but we will do the best we can,” said Peter.

On the Porch Tulsa was a dream first.

“We are a crisis service. Families who have no way to feed themselves, they have utilized all the resources that they have, then we step in and we can bring them a week’s worth of groceries,” said Peter.

The whole operation started out of two refrigerators.

“The applications tell their story of what happened, why it is an emergency, how COVID-19 has affected their family,” said Kathleen Kubow with On the Porch Tulsa.

Volunteers package up groceries and drop them off on porches to families who are severely struggling.

“If everybody will just pitch in just a little, you have value,” said Peter.

There is an application process. Each one is read by volunteers who do their best to meet the growing needs of the people who reach out to them for help.

“Right now, we have been backed up and we are trying to get food out to everyone who needs it,” said Kathleen. “Sometimes we actually deliver to families who are living out of their cars.”

All the good they are doing is made possible by donations, volunteers and community partners.

“It changes you. When you get beyond yourself and help someone else who may be in a worse situation than you, it makes you better,” said Peter. “It means everything. It means Tulsa is better.”

To help On The Porch Tulsa’s mission, you can volunteer, donate groceries or money, and if you need help, visit their website here.