Oklahoma Caring Van Program Removes Obstacles To Help Keep Kids Healthy

Friday, January 8th 2021, 5:23 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

An Oklahoma nonprofit on four wheels is making sure kids get the vaccines they need.

The Oklahoma Caring Van Program provides free immunizations of kids across the state, removing obstacles for Oklahoma families so kids can get the vaccines they need.

"It is not just flu shots," said Fernnando Guillen with the Oklahoma Caring Van Program.

This is the mission of The Oklahoma Caring Foundation.

"The Foundation too, started small- with a dream to be able to serve those in need across all of Oklahoma," voiced a narrator in a video posted on the nonprofit’s website.

You might have seen the Caring Van while you were grocery shopping or dropping your kids off at school. There are nine of them that travel year-round to serve families across the state.

"Traveling throughout the state, providing vaccines, dental services and health screenings, free of charge to those who need them," voiced a narrator in a video posted on the non-profit’s website.

“We are happy to provide these services, that is what we do," said Guillen.

Employees at the Oklahoma Caring Foundation say there are obstacles some families face that make getting their kids, or themselves, vaccinated much harder.

First one? Transportation.

"Just the fact that a parent may not have a way to get somewhere or that there is not a place to receive a vaccine that is close to where they live," said Amy Pulliam with The Oklahoma Caring Foundation.

Second reason? Fear.

"They are afraid to go and get an immunization because they don't know how much it is going to cost and if they don't have insurance, that can be a huge burden," said Pulliam.

Third? Timing.

"A lot of times those people we are serving, they have jobs, they work from 8-5 and that is what time doctor's offices are open," said Pulliam.

So Carving Vans come to those families at schools, at daycares, at certain organizations.

Thanks to grant money, they are also able to vaccinate some adults as well. 

"I am helping the community," said Guillen.

“At the end of the day, we know that we are a part of that Oklahoma standard and playing a role an important role, in our community," said Pulliam.

For a full schedule of Caring Van dates and times, click here.