21 North Greenwood Project Delayed To August 2021

Thursday, January 14th 2021, 7:59 am

TULSA, Okla. -

The 21 North Greenwood project being built in Tulsa’s Greenwood District has hit a delay after the original completion schedule fell behind.

The construction for the 21 North Greenwood project began in May 2020 and was originally expected to be completed in spring 2021, but project developer Kajeer Yar said that date has been pushed back. He said last spring they decided that it was the right thing to do to donate a corner of their lot to the Greenwood Rising Museum. Yar said the museum needed to be in Greenwood and that is the perfect spot for it.

Due to that slight change in their project that took about two months to plan, the new completion date is now scheduled for August of this year.

This building will eventually be a massive space for retailers, offices, and more when completed with a very open and outdoor concept on each floor. The roof is also an open concept that is being set up for an outdoor event space that can accommodate concerts, work parties, and weddings along with much more

Yar said he is honored to be a part of Tulsa’s growth during a time the city is changing so much.

“It’s nice to see this city embrace its presence and be optimistic about the future,” Yar said. “I really do think the next 20-30 years in Tulsa is going to be a really good time.”

21 North Greenwood is one of several projects expected to be completed in and around the Greenwood District this year.