THD: 2,000 COVID-19 Non-Compliance Complaints, No Citations Issued

Friday, January 15th 2021, 5:14 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

New numbers from the Tulsa Health Department indicate the department has issued zero citations despite more than 2,000 complaints for businesses violating the mask mandate in Tulsa.

Health and county leaders said their primary goal is education.

According to new numbers from THD, since the start of the pandemic they've received 300 complaints against non-food establishments.

The complaints include businesses not enforcing the mask mandate, not following quarantine guidelines or other issues. After following up with the businesses, the health department issued just one warning and no citations.

Restaurants have by far the most complaints, with 1,772 since the beginning of the pandemic.Of those, about half of the complaints were related to mask compliance, with only a couple of warnings and no citations.

The mayor’s office tells News on 6 the original goal of the ordinance was to issue fines as a last resort.

City and county health leaders said their role is more about educating businesses on ways to keep people healthy.

"Our primary response is to speak to management and employees on site regarding to how they can protect their customers and prevent the spread of the virus," said DeBrena Hilton, THD Food Program Manager.

The Tulsa City Council voted on Wednesday to extend the mask ordinance until April 30.