Honoring Dr. King, Oklahoma Organization Educates People To Advocate For Better Future

Monday, January 18th 2021, 9:42 pm

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is well-known for advocating for a better America. The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy said it’s following in his footsteps by educating people on how to advocate for better government.

Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy CEO Joe Dorman said one of Dr. King's greatest strengths was how precisely he'd prepare for a speech - and how well-versed he was with his topics.

"When you talk about advocacy and advocates, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the strongest advocates of course," Dorman said. "You can talk to any successful advocate with the mission they had. You have to have that preparation, it's not just being eloquent, being persuasive, you have to know the rules of the game."

Dorman hopes to show others the ropes during an upcoming program. The Legislative Learning Lab will help give them the tools they need to advocate for their own passions.

"We're going to do a four day deep-dive into the legislative process. We want to make sure advocates understand how the rules work at the state Capitol, the deadlines you have to follow," Dorman said.

The training helps build a better understanding of how government works and how people can work to change it.

"The more we can educate young people about the process, the more likely they are to engage. This is something that would benefit them if they have policies that they want to see changed," Dorman said.

Dr. King's words and wisdom united a nation and gave a voice to the voiceless. His story serves as case study on the power of strong will and advocacy.

"We're going to see a better government, and we're going to see a lot of the dreams that Dr. King wanted fulfilled, by getting people out there," Dorman said.

You can visit this website to sign up for the OICA Legislative Learning Lab.