Tulsa County Sees Decrease In Number Of First Responders Quarantined Due To COVID-19

Tuesday, January 26th 2021, 4:26 pm
By: Mallory Thomas, News On 6

TULSA, Okla. -

First responders in Tulsa County said they’re seeing a decrease in the number of employees that are out sick after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. 

Hundreds of Tulsa County first responders already have had the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and more are expected to get it soon.

“You see everybody starting to get the vaccine now, especially in our line of work. Being more cautious, probably a lot of these quarantines that we saw to begin with maybe have slowed this down. Of course it’s all speculation, we wouldn’t know exactly what happened," said Tulsa Officer Danny Bean.

Officer Bean said the Tulsa Police Department is seeing a significant decrease in employees missing work because of COVID-19.

He said there are currently 17 employees in quarantine. 

“It’s just the total number of everyone we have: sworn and non-sworn. It’s really good. It’s a very low number, super low number, compared to what we’ve seen since this outbreak has happened," said Officer Bean.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office currently has three deputies, three detention officers, and one civilian out with COVID-19.

They’ve administered around 180 vaccines to their employees.

EMSA said they have two paramedics and one employee that are currently at home recovering from the virus.

Tulsa Fire said it’s also seeing a decrease in cases. 

“Today, we have ten people on quarantine, which is a must lower number than we’ve seen in the past. It’s been two, three, four times that at times. So, we’re thankful for that," said Andy Little.

Andy Little with Tulsa Fire Department said so far around 30% of Tulsa firefighters have gotten the vaccine.

Officer Bean said the other good news, so far no officer has had any issues with the vaccine. 

“We haven’t had any side effects cause any kind of sickness or anything of that sort. If any kind of symptoms like I said it’s been a one day observation, and then they’re fine the next day. So that’s been a really big plus for us, too," said Officer Bean.

Each of the departments are offering several opportunities for employees to get the vaccine. Tulsa Fire said several firefighters are already signed up to get the vaccine when it’s offered on Thursday.