Broken Arrow Head Coach Shares Strong Bond With Dedicated Senior

Thursday, February 25th 2021, 10:34 pm


Broken Arrow is just three years removed from a State Semi Final appearance and the Tigers are hoping for some magic. The last time Broken Arrow raised a gold ball was the 1997 season.

The Tigers have been dealing with canceled games and postponements all year long. It’s been nearly two weeks since Broken Arrow has been able to play a game, and they face Enid in the regionals Friday.

“Can't sit around, you got to be prepared," Broken Arrow guard George McCurdy said.

To get ready for the matchup, the Tigers are going back to the basics as well as working on the scouting report.

"We are trying to put them in situations and let them see what they are going to get on Friday, without really looking too far ahead to whoever your next opponent is,” Broken Arrow head coach Beau Wallace said.

Wallace played for Liberty University for two seasons, and he doesn't have to look to far to find a player the best represents him on the court in senior George McCurdy.

"He is a little better offensively than I was at that age I think the last six or seven games he has played the best that I have seen him play."

“I understand what he wants from me and I don't take it as anything negative, I just know he wants me to do better,” McCurdy said.

Broken Arrow’s offense could even have them going above the rim against the plainsmen.

“We will incorporate different lob plays that we have, whether it’s main or zone, the more of those, the better we are,” Wallace said.

Ultimately for Broken Arrow, it's about getting a shot at state and raising a gold ball.

“To get my first gold ball, that would mean everything. Just know all the hard work we have been putting in would be paid off,” McCurdy said.