Watch: Zoo In Northwest England Welcomes Arrival Of Newborn Okapi Calf

Friday, March 5th 2021, 7:45 am
By: CBS News

A zoo in northwest England has welcomed the arrival of a newborn okapi calf during their closure as part of UK measures to contain the coronavirus.

The female calf's first wobbly steps were caught on Chester Zoo's cameras shortly after her birth and now she's stepped outside for the very first time too.

Okapis are very rare and are found wild in only one country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Zookeepers at Chester Zoo have named the new calf Nia Nia after a village in the DRC where the zoo's long-term conservation partners are based.

According to the zoo, okapis have been nicknamed the 'African unicorn' due to their shy and elusive nature.

Nia Nia spent her first few weeks of life snuggled up in a cozy nest.

She was born to mum K'tusha (7) and dad Stomp (17), arriving safely following a 14-month-long pregnancy.