Oklahoma Artist Creates Mural At Tulsa International Airport

Wednesday, May 19th 2021, 5:00 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The final touches are being made on a mural at Tulsa's International Airport. 

“A lot of the golds and oranges and purples and stuff like that from just the Oklahoma skies that we’re kind of known for," said Alexander Tamahn.

Alexander Tamahn is the artist painting the mural.

"A lot of love went in to it. A lot of passion for what I do. I’m a huge, huge proponent for what I do and bringing public art everywhere because it’s art that nobody needs permission to access and engage with," said Tamahn.

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Tamahn grew up in Chicago where public art is everywhere. He's lived in Tulsa for ten years and has painted about a dozen murals around town. This one is eight-feet tall and 23-feet wide. 

“You know a lot of us haven’t been able to travel as much and see our family and what not and so there have been some really, really emotional and touching moments like as we’ve been painting away and this being the back drop is just super humbling and just really awesome," said Tamahn.

The mural is titled Oklahoma Welcomes You. It’s the first thing travelers will see in concourse B at the airport, and Tamahn said he’s thankful for the opportunity to share his passion.

“I know a lot of people will be here especially for the centennial and may not have time to just appreciate the land itself. The land is actually really, really beautiful and so this is just a really great opportunity to really emphasize that," said Tamahn.