Tulsa Dog Named Finalist In People Magazine’s ‘World’s Cutest Rescue Dog’ Contest

Friday, September 10th 2021, 5:39 pm
By: Chinh Doan

A Tulsa dog is in the national spotlight after being named a top 10 finalist for People magazine's "World's Cutest Rescue Dog."

 Aslan, a Chow Chow, is featured in the magazine, and People told News On 6 this is the first time an Oklahoma dog has been a finalist. Gracie Crosslin with Puppy Haven said Aslan was in rough shape after he was abandoned by his owner last fall and wandered to the rescue group's facility.

"Aslan definitely found us, which is what we thought was so crazy about his story,” said Crosslin. “Out of all the places he could have gone to, he came to ours."

Aslan is now almost two years old and livin' on Tulsa time. Jennifer and Matt Porter adopted Aslan last December and recently had their first child, Rosie.

"He's the sweetest, friendliest dog you'll ever meet,” said Jennifer Porter. “He loves people of all ages, and he just really wants to be everybody's friend."

 'Big Brother Aslan’ is getting all kinds of attention after being featured in People magazine this month for its fourth annual contest.

"It means a lot because he means a lot to our family, to our friends, to our community,” said Matt Porter.

The winner gets a photoshoot for People, a year's supply of dog food and $1,000 to the rescue group of choice. Local businesses like Utica Square are doing what they can to spread the word, and Balloon Therapy Tulsa will match the $1,000 donation.

"Everybody's just been posting and sharing, and I think it's just really nice to have a Tulsa pup in the finals,” said Jennifer Porter. “I know that Tulsans like to get behind Tulsans."

A story of wags to riches, a good boy who hopes to be the best boy as the ‘world's cutest rescue dog.’ Voting is open until September 29th. You can vote once daily at HERE

The winner will be announced on October 13th