Woman Frustrated After Glitch Causes Driver’s License Appointments To Open When Offices Closed

Monday, October 4th 2021, 9:15 pm

A glitch in the online website that schedules appointments for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety caused appointments to open up across the state on Saturdays, even though the offices are not open on Saturdays. 

DPS said they tried to contact people who made appointments, but the emails went into some people’s spam folders, so they still showed up to their appointments anyways. 

Tritanna Murphy showed up to her appointment to renew her driver's license at the Eastgate Metroplex location in East Tulsa to find the doors locked. 

"I even went to the back of the building because it's both entrances, I went to the back and the front twice, and I really realized it when an older couple came up to me and said ma’am, do you know if anyone is going to be here today, and I said, well I'm guessing not," Murphy said. 

Murphy said she made the appointment a few days before and was excited to finally be able to renew her license. She said she wasn't the only one who was waiting outside, some people driving a few hours to get to their appointment. 

"I was kind of thinking like this is ridiculous, why would they allow people to set an appointment online, for a Saturday if they know they are going to be closed and not only that, they also charged me for it," Murphy said. 

Sarah Stewart with Oklahoma Department of Public Safety said it was a glitch in the vendor who schedules the appointments for the website that caused Saturday appointments to open across the state. 

Stewart said they were able to send out emails that the appointments were canceled, but not everyone got the message. 

"We caught it fairly quickly but there were several people who had seen these Saturday appointments open up and had jumped at them," she said. 

Stewart said if this happened to you, you can go to a DPS location and show your confirmation email at any time and they will renew your license. 

"We obviously want to make this right and some people probably had to drive a distance for this we feel badly about that so if they just want to come in another time that's best for them, we will definitely get them in," Stewart said. 

Stewart said this shouldn't happen again and going online is still a reliable way to make an appointment.