Edmond Family Grieves After 22-Year-Old Woman Dies In Head-On Crash In Texas

Tuesday, October 5th 2021, 4:46 pm

One Edmond family is mourning the loss of their 22-year-old daughter.

Allyson Goad was driving on Highway 69 in east Texas when troopers said another driver crossed the center line and hit her head-on.

"She was all of our best friends," said Allyson Goad's mom, Danette Goad.

With pictures of Allyson Goad decorating the living room and her beloved dog Padfoot nearby, Danette Goad described her daughter.

"She had a huge heart," said Danette Goad. "She had actually gone down to Texas because one of her friends was having marital problems."

But on Sept. 11, Allyson Goad was hit and killed. According to a crash report, troopers suspected the other driver of being drunk.

Danette Goad told New 9 she was relaxing on her porch when she found out what happened.

"[I] heard screams coming inside the house coming from my husband and son," said Danette Goad.

Edmond police officers had shown up to deliver the devastating news.

In the days following, countless friends reached out including Alec Chambless.

Chambless was on emergency leave from the Navy when the wreck happened.

"I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the inside of the truck," said Chambless.

A good Samaritan, he pulled over and tried to help Allyson Goad.

"I opened the passenger door and I'm like, 'there's a person there and she's not conscious,'" said Chambless.

He did CPR for at least 10 minutes but ultimately couldn't save Allyson Goad.

Chambless shared his story with News 9 from where he's stationed in Hawaii and also contacted Danette Goad.

"I told her I wish I could have done more," said Chambless. "I wish I could have saved her."

Danette Goad has started making TikToks trying to share Allyson's story.

Her family is hoping to start a nonprofit as well called Ally's Ride. They are hoping to partner with rideshare services to safely get people home from bars or other places if people are drinking.

"We only got 22 years with her," said Danette Goad. "I made the TikTok just so people would hear her story and realize this is not OK. It destroys people."

Since the crash, according to the local county sheriff's office, the other driver Rafael Aguilar turned himself in on a charge of intoxicated manslaughter.

News 9 is working to learn more about the crash and the investigation that led to Aguilar's charges.