Longest-Serving Dispatcher In Jenks Retiring After 46 Years On The Job

Monday, October 11th 2021, 9:29 pm

JENKS, Oklahoma -

A Jenks man is retiring after working as a dispatcher for the Jenks police department for 46 years. 

Bruce Parker is the longest-serving dispatcher in the department's history. He said he was born and raised in Jenks, and it's been an honor to serve his hometown. 

"People say they're following their dreams, I've been following mine for 46 years," Parker said. 

Parker said he decided to become a dispatcher because he had family in law enforcement and wanted to find a way to serve his community. He said he never expected to still be there so many years later. 

"When I first started, you see these guys getting ready to retire and you think one day I'll be there, but when you get there, it's thrilling but scary," he said. 

Parker said one of the major changes he's seen is with technology, and how it's made things a lot easier in the dispatch room. 

"Back then, we used to have to call the sheriff's office for a driver's license check or a tag check, now a matter of seconds we got returns," Parker said. 

Jared Hurst is Parker’s supervisor and said his work ethic all of these years is what has made him stand out. He said Parker is always first to volunteer, first to show up, and first to stay late.

"Bruce leaving is going to put a big hole in dispatch, of somebody who has been a fixture in there for that many years," Hurst said. 

Parker said he will miss the dispatch room, but for now, he plans on spending time with family and his new granddaughter. 

He said he's proud he got to serve his hometown. 

"Years flew by and finally it's here, I've watched this town go from a little town to what it is now," he said. 

Parker’s last day will be this Saturday, October 16, the same exact day he started 46 years ago.