Police K-9 Discovers 9 Kilos Of Fentanyl During Traffic Stop

Thursday, January 13th 2022, 10:23 pm


The Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics said its K-9 seized a large stash of fentanyl. It happened Wednesday on I-40 just west of OKC. 

Two unnamed suspects were taken into custody. Now OBN is working to find where the suspects came from and where they were headed. The agency said the biggest win, getting nine kilos of fentanyl off the streets. 

"So that's potentially thousands of overdoses that were halted," said OBN's Mark Woodward. 

OBN's K-9 Yeko is pictured next to the 9 kilos of raw fentanyl he found on a truck on I-40. OBN said the drug is a growing problem here in Oklahoma and nationwide. 

"In 2020 Oklahoma unfortunately saw a state record for drug overdoses," said Woodward. He added, "we are seeing heroin being sold on the streets and it turns out to be fentanyl. We're finding methamphetamine that's testing positive for traces of fentanyl." 

The most common use for fentanyl right now, per OBN is to turn it into pills. 

"One of the ways they're making the most money is pressing that raw powder through these pill presses and selling them on the streets as oxycodone," explained Woodward. 

The Oklahoma State Department of Health's website said prescription opioids are the biggest causes in Oklahoma overdose deaths. 

"We know one pill has the capabilities of causing overdose and death," said Woodward. "Side by side you can't tell the difference. Specifically, here in Oklahoma we've seen a tremendous spike in these overdoses that are linked to these counterfeit fentanyl pills," he added. 

Dealers often don't know when the pills they sell are fakes either. 

"When we trace the source of it's somebody, they're close to, often times a friend or relative giving them oxycodone not realizing it was the counterfeit pills," Woodward said.  

Busts like the one Yeko made on Wednesday may soon be the new norm. 

"Unfortunately, we are concerned we'll see more of these larger busts." 

The amount seized Wednesday could make 90,000 pills with the street value of around $3.6 million.