Collinsville Public Schools Increases Substitute Teacher Pay Amid Staff Absences

Wednesday, January 26th 2022, 8:08 am
By: Cal Day


Collinsville Public Schools is now paying substitute teachers more money each day to help get more interest in the opportunity. Like surrounding schools, the district is struggling to fill staff vacancies across the board.

The district was forced to pivot online classes once this semester because of a lack of staffing. Superintendent Jeremy Hogan says the hope is to be in classrooms every day, but the situation can change quickly.

Hogan says even before COVID-19, the district had a small pool of substitutes. Now, they are competing with surrounding districts for the same substitute candidates.

The district raised pay to $90 a day for certified teachers and $80 a day for non-certified substitutes. The increase in pay means funding is being taken away from other areas, according to Hogan.

Finding enough bus drivers to cover routes is another struggle. Hogan says some staff members have stepped in to cover the void, which trickles down to disruptions in other areas.

The district is not only competing with other schools for substitutes, but also other industries. Hogan says they are doing all they can to keep classrooms filled with limited resources.

“We’re 23 months into the pandemic now,” said Hogan. “We’ve got to learn to live in the pandemic and make sure that we have enough staff to help move us forward.”

The district’s transportation department is working with bus driver candidates to train them on the job while simultaneously helping them get CDL certifications. For more information on the opportunities, Click Here.