22 Families Without Homes After Apartment Complex Fire

Thursday, January 27th 2022, 6:21 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Several families are out of their homes tonight after a fire at an apartment near 51st and Memorial.

Investigators arrested Shawn Carnahan for Arson.

There is heavy damage to all the units but no one was injured.

22 families at Cobblestone Apartments lost homes this morning.

One resident said he's just trying to figure out what to do.

Baher Gul lost everything this morning when his apartment caught fire.

"Mine is like the center where all the damage has happened," said Gul.

He said he woke up to his neighbors screaming and then he realized his apartment was on fire.

"You see, like, flames going up and then that panic hits," said Gul.

Gul said he didn't have time to grab anything.

He's a student who had to leave his laptop and expensive books in his apartment. All he has left are the clothes on his back and a cell phone.

"Now I have to start over. Start from scratch," said Gul.

The person who lived next door to Gul said neighbors here are close.

"My neighbor, I remember him saying 'oh man that's my bed frame' and just watching it go up in flames. When he said that, your heart drops," said Ashton Hall.

Ashton Hall said watching his neighbors lose everything was painful.

Hall is now asking the Tulsa community for their help.

"I just hope that this can inspire more Tulsans and Oklahomans to be able to help. Whether if it's put forth maybe clothes, shelter, food or even monetary donations. I think that could be something that everyone should be able to get behind," said Hall.

Together, The American Red Cross and Management at Cobblestone Apartments is providing over $20,000 in relief funds to 46 displaced residents.

Cobblestone is still accepting donations at the leasing office for those families affected.

Items accepted are:

  1. Clothes Adult Sizing
  2. Shoes Adult Sizing
  3. Electronic/Cell Phone Chargers 
  4. Personal Hygiene Items
  5. Baby Girl Clothing (12 month old)
  6. 4-5T Girl Clothes/Shoes
  7. Cat Food/Cat Items (5 cats)
  8. Bearded Dragon Items