Gas-Free QuikTrip To Be Part Of BOK Tower Food Hall

Wednesday, March 9th 2022, 6:16 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The plaza level in Tulsa's tallest building is getting a big facelift. The 667 foot tall Bank of Oklahoma building is undergoing renovations to welcome six new stores and restaurants. The renovation includes a one-of-a-kind QuikTrip.

"It is a specialty location,” said Aisha Jefferson-Smith, Corporate Communications Manager for QuikTrip. “It is a location that is very different, very unique store design."

Jefferson-Smith is said the new store won't offer gasoline, but will have everything a typical store offers, including a QT Kitchen, drinks and more.

When it opens, the store will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., to cater to Tulsans who work downtown. Those hours could change in the future.

The concept is something the company has already had success with in downtown Atlanta, with a non-gasoline store in a busy area.

"This is the second location with no gas at all,” said Jefferson-Smith. “So it did pretty well in Atlanta so we're going to give it a test run here in Tulsa."

Construction has already begun and is all part of a food hall coming to the BOK Tower.

Williams, who owns the building, said besides QuikTrip, the restaurants Tokyo Garden, Senor Pablo, Chicken and the Wolf, Rib Crib and fRoot Bowls will all be moving in.

All of the restaurants will be open to the public with access through the plaza level.

"We're happy to be a part of that," said Jefferson-Smith.

Williams said it anticipates the food hall to be done in the second quarter of this year.

The QuikTrip plans on opening by July.