2 Women Accused Of Using Denture Paste To Smuggle Items Into Rogers Co. Jail

Tuesday, April 19th 2022, 6:19 pm


Rogers County deputies arrested two women accused of sneaking items like tobacco and matches to inmates, inside the jail. Deputies said the women got creative by stuffing those items into tubes of denture paste.

Sheriff Scott Walton said the list of jailhouse tricks is endless but said this is one of the more unique things he's seen. Pictures show matches, Tobacco and THC Wax covered in denture paste after being smuggled into the Rogers County Jail.

"When you have 24/7 to sit there and mastermind some deviant scheme, that's what we've got," Sheriff Scott Walton said.  Sheriff Scott Walton said Jerrie Dreadfulwater and Brentley Tecumseh were arrested Saturday afternoon, but Walton said they snuck in the items more than once.

He said detention officers began to notice over several weeks that contraband was coming into the jail. "Once it was successful on their end, they were on their way to continue doing it," he said.

Walton said fighting contraband is something all jails deal with on a regular basis. He said they are always mindful of what comes through the doors, but denture paste was on the list of approved items.

"They had devised a way to open the end of the tube, reseal it where it was non conspicuous, and pass it along," he said.

He said when it comes to the jail, every day is a learning experience, and now denture paste will no longer be allowed. "I don't know if we'll have dentures falling out or what, but I know it won't be coming in from the outside," he said.

Walton said the two women are tribal citizens so the case will be passed along to tribal court.